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Dr Samuel Nyambega Nyang’au

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Dean, School of Business & Economics


Dr. Samwel Nyambega Nyang’au earned his PhD from the institute of banking and finance,bundelkhand university in 2006 having researched on the world bank and poverty alleviation in developing countries with special reference to Kenya. He is a Dean, School of Business & Economics, Garissa University. He previously lectured at St. Augustine University of Tanzania (Mwanza main Campus), Kampala International University (Dares salaam Campus) , Tanzania, as  Head of social science department and a lecturer of tax policy and government expenditure, international trade and finance, international business economics, monetary economics, managerial economics, international economics and public finance. He later served as a Chair as well as lecturer at the school of postgraduate and research in the same University. He also lectured in Bugema University (Uganda) and Maseno University (Kenya). Prior to that, he was a principal as well as a lecturer in Elgonview College (Kenya). He had also taught in some schools in India. From January 2011 to December 2011, he had served as a member in the following committees in Kampala International University: research committee, curriculum review and development committee, admissions committee and the academic board committee. Currently he is a member of the British council management forum and associate editor (International Journal of Humanities & Social Sciences Research). Between 1999 and 2002, he was awarded a partial doctoral study grant by the Indian Council of Social Science Research for the study of PhD. He has published papers in internationally peer review journals. He has also presented papers in international conferences. His current research areas centre on development economics and poverty in Africa.

Departments in the School

The school houses two departments:

Department Business Management

Department of Human Resource and Economics


 Welcome to the school of business and economics, Garissa University. The School of Business & Economics is one of the five Schools of Garissa University. The school continues to attract a large number of students from Garissa and beyond because of the unique location of the university and due to the fact that the university is almost the only government institution offering degree programmes in the northern part of Kenya which makes it to benefit from an expansive catchment area.

The school envisions to churn graduates who are competent and dynamic to suit the current job market by offering courses that are tailored towards meeting the current job market demands. In order to achieve this, the school has incorporated the practical element in its programmes by engaging students in industrial attachment through which they gain practical experience by working in the industry for close to three months.

The school has got four main programmes which are running currently, Bachelor of Business Management, Bachelor of Human Resource Management, Bachelor of Arts in economics and master’s in Business Administration. Diploma and certificate in business management courses are also offered. The school intends to launch PhD in business management once all the necessary modalities have been put in place. Other diploma and certificate courses to be launched in the foreseeable future include human resource management, procurement and supplies management among others.  

The school offers a serene environment for learning as it houses qualified lecturers and possesses the necessary facilities to facilitate learning.  


Envisions become the centre of excellence in management


To impart holistic knowledge in order to produce innovative, management science oriented minds fit for the changing global scenario.


The school’s objectives include but not limited to;

  • Becoming a reservoir of knowledge by engaging in teaching, research, consultancy and community outreach
  • To continuously develop and review our curriculum to meet customer needs at least every four years.
  • To ensure that at least 90% and above students’ progress to the next class on an annual basis.

Our Core Values (TIDE)

  • Team work
  • Integrity
  • Dignity
  • Excellence


 Our Core Values (TIDE)

Team work

In unity there is strength and power which empowers us to work together as a unified entity towards achieving our vision integrity we believe that honesty, sincerity and justice signify the core of a person’s character.

We adhere to the highest ethical standards in all the curricular, co-curricular and extra curricular activities in order to nurture integrated persons for the future of our nation and the world at large.    


We believe that the dignity for the human person is the foundation for empowerment and socio-economic transformation. We shall strive to up-lift the dignity of the socially disadvantaged, marginalized and the underprivileged through genuine love and service.       


We believe that hard work, commitment and dedication produce excellence in all spheres of life. The management, school set high benchmarks of academic and holistic excellence and provide innovative, student-centred, globally competent processes and services for the success of every individual.

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