Opening of the University for face to face learning

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The President during the Labour Day address on 1st May 2021 announced lifting of some containment measures including allowing learning institutions to reopen for Face-to-Face learning.
The Senate resolved, during regular meeting held on 10th May 2021, to open the university for Face-to-Face learning on 17th May 2021.
The following are the summary of activities:

  1. That students for PSSP Weekdays/Weekends (Bachelor/Diploma/Certificate) report on 17th May 2021 and do exams from 16th -27th August 2021.
  2. For school based, they continue with eLearning from 10th April to 16th July 2021. They report for Face-to- Face learning from 5th July to 16th July 2021, and do Exams from 17th -25th July 2021
  3. Postgraduate (PhD/Masters) to continue with face-to-face learning from 17th May to 16th July 2021, and do Exams from 17th -25th July 2021
  4. GSSP Year one Semester two to go on with eLearning from 4th May 2021 to 1st August 2021. From 2nd -13th August 2021 they report back to university for face-to-face learning, and do exams from 16th -27th August 2021
  5. Lecturers are encouraged to ensure students on campus blend face to face learning with eLearning
  6. TP/Industrial Attachment to commence on 10th May 2021 to 16th July 2021
  7. Opening date for new and continuing students (GSSP/PSSP) academic year 2021/2022 is 7th September 2021

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